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How to transfer money from demat account to bank account

Investing in the stock market was once thought to be gambling. Markets are regarded as a money trap, but Indians have become more comfortable investing in capital markets as financial literacy has improved. Direct investments in the capital markets are possible, as well as indirect investments by mutual funds. To invest directly, you'll need a demat account.

It is impossible to invest in the financial markets without a demat account. The ability to possess, track, and control shares is a requirement. A demat account is essentially a location where electronic or dematerialized shares or assets may be stored or kept. If you're a detergent soap merchant, you'll purchase the maker's soaps and stock them in a warehouse. You will supply detergent soaps to convenience stores for further sale from the factory. The demat account is the location where shares are stored before they are sold in the capital markets. Because the trading and demat accounts are separate, most people keep them with the same broker, blurring the distinction between the two. The trading account serves as a link between your bank account and your demat account. A trading account uses to buy and sell shares that are held in a demat account.


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How demat account works

The demat account is used to store securities and does not contain any currency. Moving money from the demat account to the bank account occurs when you sell stocks, shares, or options and collect funds instead of selling them. In most cases, brokerages have a demat and trading account in one package. The proceeds of the transaction are credited to the related trading account automatically. Because exchanges take T+2 days to settle trades, funds can take up to two days to appear in your trading account after a transaction. Money can be quickly moved from the trading account to the registered bank account after depositing.

What is a demat account?

How do you transfer money from your demat account to your bank account?

  1. Any demat account connects to a trading account, which is connected to a bank account. Before you can buy or sell securities, you must first move funds from your bank account to your demat account. Because of the abundance of payment options, brokers now accept all effective payment types. Large brokerage firms currently support smartphones, blogs, and tablets. Most websites have cash exchange operations in the 'Accounts' or 'Funds' pages. The precise measures vary somewhat depending on the broker, but they are always  the same. 

  2. Go to your trading account's 'Funds' section and log in. Instead of a 'Funds' section, some apps can have a 'Accounts' section.

  3. On the 'Funds' window, you have two options: add funds and delete funds.

  4. Choose the 'withdraw' choice to move money from your demat account to your bank account. Alternatively, if you want to apply capital to your trading account to purchase new shares, choose the 'add funds' alternative.

  5. If you choose the 'Withdraw' option, the brokerage will show the overall amount in your trading account that can be moved and prompt you to enter the amount you want to transfer. Only the proceeds from the sale of those shares would be assigned. Many people confuse the total amount of funds shown on the home page with the total amount that can exchange.

  6. Most brokerages offer some trading leverage and list the total cap on their home page. The amount of collateral you will use is determined by the funds you deposit into your trading account and the shares you hold in your demat account. The transferable sums and the cumulative fund cap are not the same.

  7. On the 'Withdraw' tab, type the number you wish to pass. If your trading account is connected to several bank accounts, you must pick which account you want the money to send. After you've filled in all of the necessary information, you'll be able to enter the trading password and begin the switch. 


Transferring funds to or from a demat account have become much easier and more convenient than customer interface improvements. Don't get bogged down in the fund transition process; instead, start saving to protect your financial future.


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