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Pune prided itself as a city comparable to Bengaluru: Akash Pharande

  • Jun 17, 2022, 11.45 AM
  • DealMoney News Service

Pune prided itself as a city comparable to Bengaluru. That illusion is long gone now, and while rains recently brought an early respite to green Bengaluru, people living on the concrete heat islands of Pune ran air conditioners and waited in vain, according to Akash Pharande, Managing Director - Pharande Spaces.

Pharande added, "It is fashionable to blame the loss of green cover on real estate developers, while everyone ignores how much is consumed by infrastructure development. Either way, green areas in Pune are becoming increasingly rare with every passing year, and all sorts of developments are rapidly destroying even Pune's once-famous hills and lakes."

While most development in and around the city has been consuming green open spaces, some real estate developers have taken up the challenge to preserve the green spirit of Pune.

"Living amid nature in Pune is not a budget housing option - you will doubtlessly spend more on a prime property amid nature than you would for a mass housing unit in a concrete mass," added Pharande.