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Segments & Services

Dealmoney offers its trading services to customers across segments like Equity, Equity Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives & Currency Derivatives. For Equity & Equity Derivatives, Dealmoney is Trading member of National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). For Commodity Derivatives, Destimoney is trading member of National Commodity & Derivative Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX) and Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX). For Currency Derivatives, Dealmoney is trading member of National Stock Exchange (NSE).



At Dealmoney, we regularly come out with different types of products which are beneficial for our clients. Presently, we have a Unique Product in Commodities called “Tortoise”.


Benefits of having a Commodity Account with Destimoney:


Destimoney Commodities Private Limited (DCPL) is amongst the emerging leading players in commodities derivatives trading market.

DCPL is a trading member of the leading national commodities exchanges – MCX & NCDEX.

Our products & services are designed to satisfy the demands of an emerging India; an India that offers the wealth of knowledge, value for money and higher returns when it comes to investing in markets. We play the role of a trusted friend to all our customers & guide them through the complex maze of markets.

We provide regular update on markets through Odin and Online software, where we try to keep our clients updated with all the Socio-Economic events, which enable them to take timely decisions on their trading positions.

For Commodities trading, we have a dedicated in-house research team, which provides various types of calls to our valued customers. This will help them to make money or grow their wealth.


Dealmoney strives to ensure that our clients have a superlative trading cum investing experience using our services –

  • Trading and NCDEX Member of BSE, NSE and MCX providing broking services in Equity, Derivatives and Commodities
  • Competitive Brokerage
  • Option of Online as well as Offline Trading
  • Dedicated and expert Dealers Team for execution of trade orders
  • Hi-Tech Dealing Room with the best communication facilities
  • Supported by exceptional & proven research services

Research Calls

  • Intraday Calls
  • Positional Calls with time duration
  • Spread Calls in Inter and Intra Commodities.