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Stock Investing

We all invest with one primary objective in mind - meeting our future financial objectives. Owing to a volatile economy and inflation, it is not always possible to save a large chunk of your income. This is why investments are important. One of the oldest and the most popular mode of investments is the stock market, due to the benefits it provides. We’ve listed some of them below.


The stock market offers an array of financial instruments like shares, bonds, mutual funds and derivatives. Due to the variety available, the investor has a wide choice when it comes to investing his finances.

Higher Liquidity

When it comes to the Indian stock market, the most important roles are played by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). A majority of the companies have their trading and investment activities in these two exchanges. Owing to this, investors get high liquidity as the average daily volumes remain high. Therefore, liquidity makes buying and selling products on the stock exchanges an easier process.

Higher Returns In Shorter Periods

Compared to bonds and fixed deposits, stock investing provides an investor the possibility of making greater returns in comparatively shorter time periods. If basic stock market basics like planning the trade, due diligence, etc. are applied properly, one can easily maximise their return on investments.

A Systematic, Regulated Environment

The stock market is regulated by the Stock Exchange Board Of India (SEBI). SEBI protects the rights of the investors, regulates the stock exchanges and their development. Owing to their presence, the investors’ interests are well-protected by a regulatory framework, which also aids in reducing risks due to fraudulent activities of companies.


With technology, life has become way simpler than before. Stock exchanges have gone with the flow of technological development in order to provide convenience to the investors. As of today, all the trades are executed on electronic platforms. In addition to that, brokers provide online share trading facilities so that investors can just place their orders through a computer from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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