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What are bonus shares in demat account

In India, stock market investments are gaining popularity. For stock owners, the possibility of earning high returns has been a big draw. Over time, the value of the spent capital increases, but this is not the only aspect determining returns. Companies can also pay dividends or issue incentive securities, resulting in the production of added value. Dividends paid by Indian corporations totaled Rs 1.8 trillion in 2017-18. Dividend payouts and incentive share questions are methods of distributing a portion of a company's earnings to owners.


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What is a bonus share issue?

What options would a corporation have if it wishes to share a portion of its earnings with its shareholders? It can only send money in the form of dividends. But what if the organization refuses to send money? A bonus share offer is an outstanding choice. It is a money transfer to the holder, not a cash flow trade. The free delivery of new shares to a company's existing owners is known as a bonus share issue. The shares are allocate according to the percentage of current ownership. By lowering the shares' price, the bonus share problem also serves to improve the company's shareholder base and increases retail engagement. If a corporation declares a 5:1 incentive share issue, it means that he or she will receive five new shares for every current shareholder's share. The issuing of new shares essentially reduces the share price and lowers the stock exchange entrance limit.

Eligibility for bonus share allotment

Via the record date, companies determine who is eligible to collect incentive shares. After the declaration of a bonus share issue, trade remains free, with new shares introducing and withdrawn every minute. However, how do corporations determine current owners' identities, considering the constantly changing number of shareholders? Companies that want to distribute incentive shares set a record date to decide how many current owners there are. To be considered for incentive share allotment, you must be a shareholder on the record date.

The company's bookkeepers audit the books on the record date to recognize owners. When a company declares a bonus share question, it also announces an ex-date. The ex-date is the last day to purchase the company's stock to be considered for a bonus share question. Anyone who became a member after the ex-date is not eligible for incentive shares. T+2 rolling resolution used in India, which means the ex-date is two days before the record date. To become a shareholder before the record date and be considered for a bonus share issue, you must purchase a company's stock at least a day before the ex-date.

When are bonus shares credited?

Bonus share problems are an essential aspect of increasing shareholder liquidity. Bonus share issues, including dividends, are meant to pass accrued earnings to owners. The benefit of a dividend is immediate and in the form of currency, while the benefit of a bonus share problem is indirect. To sell the bonus shares, he or she will have to wait for them to appear in the demat account. It is not enough to be a qualifying shareholder on the record date or hear of an incentive share problem to be allowed to sell the stock.

Instant funds transactions have been the standard since the introduction of electronic media. Similarly, since shares are exchanged in electronic or dematerialized form, the time it takes for incentive shares to be allocated to a demat account has dramatically decreased. Once a shareholder is classified as eligible for a bonus share issue, the bonus shares are given a new ISIN (International Securities Identity Number). It takes no longer than 15 days for the incentive shares to be added to the shareholders' demat accounts after a new ISIN is allocated.


Investors wanting a stable income check out shares in businesses that issue incentive shares daily. The consumer class favors regular bonus share problems because the share price always increases following the issuing of bonus shares.

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