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Conclusion of demat account

Demat accounts have been a requirement for investing in the stock market over the years. They're significant for the whole process of buying and selling shares to run smoothly, mainly because share trading is wholly based on electronically these days. Even though demat accounts play such an important part, many traders are still unfamiliar with their different features.

This article is for you if you're not sure precisely what functionality they have. Any of the most critical features of a demat account are mention below.


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Dematerialization of shares

One of the most visible and significant characteristics of a demat account is dematerialization. You may use a demat account to convert physical stock certificates to electronic format. This procedure is known as the dematerialization.

To dematerialize your shares, send a letter in the proper form to your Depository Participant (DP) along with the physical share certificates. After efficient authentication, your DP will dematerialize your shares and credit them to your account. 

A demat account also enables you to rematerialize the shares of your account, in addition to dematerialization.

Quick access

A demat account is equivalent to a bank account in several ways. The main distinction is that a demat account contains shares and stocks rather than currency. A demat account can be accessed and run electronically in the same way as a bank account can be accessed and operated online. You will use the internet to keep track of your savings and statements.

You'll get login credentials when you open a demat account, which you can use to access your account. You can use your demat account from almost everywhere globally and at any time since it is electronic and hosted on the internet. What you need is a router that can connect to the internet.

Effortless share transfers

Demat accounts make it incredibly simple to pass shares from one user to another. Indeed, this is one of the key reasons why demat accounts have become so common in such a short time. When actual share certificates were still in operation, share transactions took days, if not months, to complete following a profitable transaction or sale.

However, with a demat account, the share conversion process is streamlined, and you can obtain your shares in your account in less than two days after a good transaction. That's not all; outside of the stock market, converting shares from one demat account to another is often extremely easy and can be achieved electronically.

Lower costs

There were several expenses to account for when dealing with physical share certificates. A dealer had to pay a range of expenses for each sale, ranging from processing commissions to stamp duty. It's not only made the whole stock market process more complicated, but it also cut into profits by significantly increasing transaction costs.

However, with demat accounts, you won't have to worry about all of these extra expenses. Demat accounts prove to be a significant advantage because of the share exchange mechanism's reduced rates and flexibility.

Share pledging facility

Owners of demat accounts will use the shares and other assets in their accounts as security for a bank or financial institution loan. Furthermore, several stockbrokers encourage demat account holders to use the shares in their portfolios as collateral for margin trading.

Such a feature is beneficial in an emergency because it helps people mobilize funds rapidly and effectively. It also encourages them to cut through the red tape to save time and money while applying for a loan.

Automatic dividend credit

You'll almost always ask to connect your bank account when you open a trading and demat account. Since these accounts are related, any corporate activity made by the company whose stock you own in your demat account is immediate attributed to your accounts.

If the business whose shares you own declares a dividend, for example, the dividend is directly transferred to the bank account connected to your demat account. Unlike when physical share certificates use, no action on your part is taken to collect the dividend.

Conclusion of demat account features

Although this list includes some of the most critical features of a demat account, these accounts still include many other advantages. Demat accounts, in particular, have a few extra functions, such as the option to freeze the account and transfer shares in odd lots briefly. Demat accounts have played a significant role in simplifying the complicated equity buying process and have contributed significantly to the capital market's increasing success.


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