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Dealmoney PRO

  • Dealmoney pro is a comprehensive application which provides Latest news, reports, and real time updates at your fingertips
  • Open an account, and you can create your holding portfolio.
  • Monitor the health of your holding account with a scrip-wise buy price, day's gain/ loss and overall profit/loss, all at once.

Dealmoney ONLINE

  • Web Trading Platform Manage your portfolio, trade efficiently; stay up-to-date on the market.
  • Movements with, which is a web-based trading platform with a simplified interface to all your investment needs.


  • In these fast-paced times, it is not always possible to have access to a device or computer for executing trading activities.
  • Thus, Dealmoney offers the Call & Trade service, so that you can execute trading transactions over a phone call.

Dealmoney Touch

  • Download the Dealmoney Touch app on your smartphone and get started on experiencing trading like never before.
  • Dealmoney Touch is more than just trading and investment, it goes beyond and gives you share ideas you can use to maximize returns.
  • Get personalized advisory on the latest market trends to suit your needs.


  • Partner back office is a detailed personalized dashboard module designed for providing complete transparency to all the affiliates and partners.
  • With Dealmoney partner back office you can track your progress, track your clients, check your ticket status, and much more.


Anyone who wishes to create a passive source of income.
  • No educational qualification criterion
  • Individual must be 18+ years of age
  • A knack to sell products effortlessly
  • A desire to be your own boss

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Dealmoney Partner program?

Dealmoney Partner program is an opportunity where one can start their entrepreneurial journey or earn passive income with zero initial investment from the age of 18. They can earn referral rewards and regular commissions without any unwanted deductions. And keep detailed track record through the partner dashboard.

What is check your earning potential?

Check your earning potential is a slider that you can adjust according to the customers your bring to check your income.

I have contacts but don’t know how to convince them.

We at Dealmoney are 100% committed to not only help you create a passive income source but will also assist you with all the training materials, marketing knick knacks, newsletters and everything else that you need for convincing your clients. You may also choose to simply refer the clients to us while our team handles the onboarding of the customer.

Who can become Dealmoney partner?

Anyone who wishes to create a passive income source. Is above 18 years of age, has a knack to sell products effortlessly and has a desire to be his/her own boss.

What are the features of Dealmoney partner program?

Dealmoney’s partner program aims in helping and supporting you to generate revenues by giving you:

  • Completely digital registration process
  • Access to an all-in-one Partner dashboard
  • Account opening incentives based on average revenue per user
  • Marketing collaterals and training support
  • Customer team support
  • Dedicated relationship manager support
How can I track my earnings?

You can instantly configure and manage your customers as well as track your earnings directly from your intuitive partner dashboard.

How much can I earn with the Dealmoney partner program?

With the Dealmoney Partner Program, you get paid on a recurring basis, depending on how many customers you onboard with Dealmoney. The better they do, the more you earn. There is no cap on how much you can earn.

Why should you choose to be a part of the Dealmoney Partner program?

The Dealmoney Partner Program is a rewarding B2B affiliate program. As a Dealmoney partner, you not only get to earn unbeatable commissions but also offer a delightful and convenient experience for your customers.

Can a client registered with Dealmoney, sign up as a partner as well?

Yes, A client can register with Dealmoney as a partner too. The step one of becoming a partner is to complete the client registration process

Will you refer clients to us?

Yes, we will refer the clients to you based on your performance. The better the performance, the higher the client referrals