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Tools & Calculators

While most financial actions should be left to the experts, it is always imperative to have basic knowledge about your finances. Here are some calculators you can utilize, depending on your needs.

Tax Calculator

Most people end up paying more than the required amount as taxes. Find out the correct amount you should be paying through the Tax Calculator.

Home Loan Calculator

Purchasing a new home? Use this Home Loan Calculator to know the correct amount you need to obtain.

Current Expense Calculator

Get a basic idea about your business’ ongoing expenditure with this Current Expenses Calculator.

Financial Planner

If you are having concerns in managing your finances, use this Financial Planner to have all your financial plans sorted out.

Inflation Planner

The global economy is very volatile. Prepare yourself for the appreciations and depreciations with this Inflation Planner.

Employee Provident Fund Calculator

Do you think that you’re investing too much or too less in the Provident Fund? Use this Employee PF Calculator to know.

Auto Loan

Want to invest in a vehicle? Use this tool to get an estimated amount for your loan application.

Retirement Plan

Use this Retirement Plan tool to secure a steady income for yourself, post retirement.


Before you begin investing and saving, use the Millionaire Calculator to understand how much you have to save in a given period of time to be a millionaire.

Saving Worth

You may be saving money on a monthly basis, but how much would they amount to after a long tenure? Find out with the Savings Worth Calculator.

Amount Saved

Wondering how much you would have to save for achieving the financial goals you have set? Find out by using our Amount Saved Calculator.

Return Saving

Once you invest, it is important to know how much you earn through interests. Find that out by using the Return Savings Calculator.

Making Millions

Puzzled about how much time it would take you to be a millionaire with your current financial status? Use the Making Millions Calculator and find out.

Power of Compounding

Use the Power Of Compounding Calculator to see how much a certain invested amount can grow with a specified rate of interest, in a given number of years.

Bond Yield Calculator

Online financial calculator to calculate the yield on a bond’s maturity based on annual interest, par/face value, market price and years to maturity.

FD Calculator

Invested or investing in a long-term fixed deposit? Find out the amount you will get on the deposit’s maturity, with the FD Calculator.

Implied Bond Yield

Use the Implied Bond Yield Calculator to calculate the yield you make on a bond with a variable price.

Current Bond Yeild

The Current Bond Yield will help you calculate the amount of income you should receive at the current rate of the bond.